October is National Cyber Security Month

  Cyber risks are evolving every day, making every business that depends on the internet for its day to day operations particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks.  Moran Insurance is committed to assisting our clients prepare and protect themselves against cyber risks.  We want to make sure you have the proper coverage for your company should you fall victim to a cyber attack.   For National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we have compiled many of our resources..  
5 Steps to Creating A Solid Incident Response Plan
Being proactive by developing an incident response plan can play an important part in reducing the impact that a cyberattack has on a company. While every situation can be different, an incident response plan (IRP) will stand as a guideline for how to respond to a cyberattack and may help mitigate loss and protect a company’s reputation.

Prioritizing Cybersecurity For Business Owners

Cybersecurity isn’t simply about having the right preventative technology in place – it requires the awareness and participation of everyone within an organization. With businesses storing data and conducting business online more than ever before, the threat of cyberattacks continue to be a growing concern. For businesses of all sizes, preparedness is key and requires attention from all employees.  

Ransomware: A Threat To Businesses

The evolution of ransomware has posed an increasingly serious threat to business owners over the past decade. Cyber criminals are getting more sophisticated at hacking into computer systems and holding a company’s data hostage until a ransom is paid – and even if the ransom is paid, there is no guarantee that the victims get their data back. A company with a workforce that has been trained to be aware of cyber threats is much more likely to prevent cyberattacks.

Guidelines For Third-Party Security Assessments  

Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting weak links in a business’s supply chain in order to tunnel their way into systems and networks, potentially gaining access to sensitive data or executing attacks that can cripple organizations of all sizes. In today’s environment, businesses typically engage with multiple vendors to manage their day to day operations. Understand the steps that can be taken to protect a business’s sensitive information and prevent third-party cybersecurity breaches.  

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